Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our New Home In Belsize Park

Things are settling down now we have moved into Belsize and having fun just staying in. It feels nice to have live in a place with a proper kitchen and living area, which wouldn't have been possible if Andrew hadn't negotiated a very reasonable rent with the landlord. Bad news is that we only have it until September, or until the end of summer but it promises to be a good one.

After spending a few days chopping down branches and clearing up the back yard we are now ready to hold a BBQ next weekend. The next task is to build the BBQ.

Noran right at home in the spare room. 

Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Claire, Andrew, Noran and I out for a few pints and some pizza at the Landsdown in Primrose Hill, near Camden.  Relaxing on a sunny afternoon.

Walk in the Heath

Hampstead Heath is only 15 minutes walk from Belsize Park and is a lovely location for an afternoon stroll.   Also for the brave there are ponds you can swim in, which would be great fun with a group of friends on a sunny day.  But today we left it to the ducks.

Other photos along the way.

Trip to Essex

Taz came to the UK to visit his family and invited us to get out of London for a night in Essex.   We caught the train and in no time we were walking into a friend of Taz's house with this lovely garden, set up for a visiters who came by to see Taz.

Later that night Taz and Noran played some tracks. 

After a fun night of chatting and a few glasses of champagne we made caught the last train back to London.