Thursday, November 27, 2008

wee weekend in scotland

We stayed at a fantastic place called Windy Yet in a town called Avonbridge half way between Edinburg and Glasgow.  The weekend was great looking out onto Scottish farmlands and sampling the local fare.  

Whilst looking for the Bathgate farmers market we found  a bird display, with local hunting birds on show, probably not the most animal friendly activity but the birds looked like they were well looked after. We took a couple of photos.

Asking a stall holder (turned out to be the Mayor) where we could find some local produce we were directed to a local butcher and bought the best leg of lamb roast which was slow roasted (thanks Amelia) for dinner on Saturday night and lasted to a Sunday gourmet bubble and squeak breakfast.

Claire and Amelia


Andrew and Claire

End of a great weekend.  Will definatly head back to Scotland.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Somewhere in the Middle of England

With the aim of getting out of the city into the English country we went to visit Ben, who happily agreed to go for a drive to Henley-on-Thames and to stop at some places in between.

which road ?

lock keepers house

Moss roof

parking on the Thames


look who found a record store - well it was raining

ben browsing

We had a fun weekend.

Chalk Farm

 your correspondents' desks 

We have been a bit slack on the blog front and there are no really good excuses, except that we weren't online for some time.   It made me realise how much I rely on information from online sources and using it to stay in touch.   Well all is good now and each of us can happily be online at the same time and email each other -  don't laugh it did happen!

But we have been getting outdoors as well with a quick trip to Reading and the surrounding areas with Noran's mate Ben (see blog above)  also the backyard provided some fun in the snow last week.

Also we seem to have adopted a new flat mate, who goes by the name of Mr (Roger) Biggles. Who may not spend so much time here if we didn't feed him, but then he looks pretty comfy.

Yes, I do have a new camera and am still learning !

Monday, September 8, 2008

Family Visits - July

July was a fun month for catching up with family, Lynne, Shyamal (Noran's Mum and Dad), Lois (Nan) and Gemma flew in to London and we went to our favorite place Borough Markets to sample some fresh produce.

Lynne and Gemma

Noran and Lois

Noran and Shyamal

In the same week, I caught up with Helen and Rachel Kekwick, also at London Bridge.  Rachel has since been over for dinner to our place in Belsize, it has been great to meet in another country, not having known one another in Australia. 

Helen Kekwick - Dad's sister's [Shirley] son's [David] wife Helen.

Helen and Rachel, who is now living and working in London.

Australia Vs South Africa

What to do when you want to be amongst a group of Australians and can't afford a ticket home. Even though the score was 2 all and Australia could have played better we had a fun night.

Harry wasn't on the pitch this night - which was a shame.

Claire, Noran, Nicole and Bernadette in the stands.

Haven't seen this one at home, I am sure it would take-off during the summer cricket season, he would just need a pair of stubbies at the appropriate angle.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our New Home In Belsize Park

Things are settling down now we have moved into Belsize and having fun just staying in. It feels nice to have live in a place with a proper kitchen and living area, which wouldn't have been possible if Andrew hadn't negotiated a very reasonable rent with the landlord. Bad news is that we only have it until September, or until the end of summer but it promises to be a good one.

After spending a few days chopping down branches and clearing up the back yard we are now ready to hold a BBQ next weekend. The next task is to build the BBQ.

Noran right at home in the spare room. 

Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Claire, Andrew, Noran and I out for a few pints and some pizza at the Landsdown in Primrose Hill, near Camden.  Relaxing on a sunny afternoon.

Walk in the Heath

Hampstead Heath is only 15 minutes walk from Belsize Park and is a lovely location for an afternoon stroll.   Also for the brave there are ponds you can swim in, which would be great fun with a group of friends on a sunny day.  But today we left it to the ducks.

Other photos along the way.