Saturday, March 22, 2008

Settree Family History in the East End

The posting of a random photo taken around Shoreditch turned out to be the key to finding out more about Noran's mum's family background in the East End. The photo in a previous post shows St Leonards Church on Shoreditch High Street. After seeing this on the blog Noran's Aunty Janet emailed us to say that this is where their mum's and grandmother's family (Settree and Morrow) were married and baptised.

So inspired by this coincidence and information provided to us by Janet before we left, revealing that James Settree (N's Great Great Grandfather) lived in Hosier Lane near Smithfield Meat Markets and his wife Ann Morrow lived in Worship Court, we set off to discover what these areas now looked like.  The first stop was Smithfield Meat Markets,

and then onto Hosier Lane just around the corner. Unfortunately, the street is now lined with office blocks but still we  walked down street it and took photos much to the concern of passers by.

This park was on the roundabout which leads onto Hosier Lane.

and some street art at the other end of Hosier Lane.

As we walked on toward Worship Street the rain began to fall.  Whilst trying to find shelter down Worship street we saw no evidence of Worship Court.  However, Worship Street does lead onto the beginning of Curtain Road where Noran and I first stayed in Shoreditch, little did we know.  At this point the rain  turned to sleet bringing a prompt end to our history walk back on Curtain Road.

This is the first of a few journey's into the past. We plan to step into Shoreditch Church to unearth some parish records on James Settree, then off to West Ham to see where my Grandmother was born, also a quick trip to North Colchester to visit dad's cousin and a trip to the Lakes District to find out more about the Settree's.

Hope you are all having a fun easter break.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Train Ride to Newbury

Hello, Sunday night and we have just returned from a trip to Newbury to visit Ben (friend of Noran's) and to see some of the English countryside.  We were rewarded by a relaxing weekend, with the pheasants, finches, hedgehogs and moles (only actually seeing two of these four locals).
Donnington Castle was built in 1386 and only some of it remains on the top of Donnington Hill over looking the town of Newbury in Britains south.   Approval for its construction was given by Richard II.  Royalist forces held the castle throughout an 18 month parliamentary seige (during the 1644 civil war) which ended in an honorary withdrawal.

Another history lesson came at the antique markets at Hungerford.  They had roman jewellery for sale from the 1st and 2nd century, it was quite something actually seeing these everyday pieces outside of a museum.

Ofcourse we had a few pints, watched a football game and had a lovely Sunday roast home cooked by Ben's mum.

Garden at Ben's parents place - you can't see the mole holes

Friday, March 7, 2008

Kingsland Road

For all those who are curious, this is where we are living at the moment, small but nice to have a place to ourselves.   It is great to cook, as good as Song Que is we do need to save some money.  

Our address is Unit 9, 270-276 Kingsland Road, LONDON, E8 4DG.  We have a locked mail box if you want to send us anything through the post.   

Little differences between London and Sydney - toilet paper rolls are wider, pillows are longer, trains come more regularly, haircuts are way more expensive, almost everything is organic, our TV news is better, SMH copies from the Guardian,  London train newspapers are trashier.

Shots from around Shoreditch.