Thursday, January 31, 2008

The best of british food


Lunch (Noran's Selection)
oops some greens
Just the way to end the week with a Sunday roast and a pint.  This actually tasted better than it looks and for 8 pounds we were happy. 

So as not to create an unbalanced view of the cuisine on offer, we had a great Vietamese meal around the corner.  This area is also called Little Hanoi and we have a huge selection of vietnamese places which is great to get a fix of noodles, salt and pepper squid and rice paper rolls.   We left the rice paper rolls and vietnamese pancakes for another day, but went for duck and salt & pepper squid.  All very tasty.  Felt a little like being at home.

Tate Modern

Catching up on some postings.  Last weekend after the Borough Markets we went to the Tate Modern with Andrew and Danielle, to see amongst other things the Spider and the Crack.  The Crack is below and the Spider had moved on so no photos.  

We also saw a great retrospective of Juan Munoz, a Spanish Sculptor, whose work focused on the themes of communication and the perspective of the viewer in relation to his art, (who is often excluded with sculptures turning away from viewer). Very interesting and I am sure one of many trips to the Tate Modern.  

Happily we got in to the exhibition as guests on Andrew and Danielle's Members passes, which also gave us access to the Members room & bar.  Photos below were taken from here.

More soon.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Your London Correspondents

From the roof top

Luckily we found a great place to stay for three weeks which is close to the city and will buy us some time to find a place to rent.  It is only a short walk to Liverpool Street Station, Spittlefield Markets, Columbia road markets and lots of other places we are still to discover.   There is also any number of bars outside of our front door, organic food markets and restaurants.   All good for our introduction to London.

Market Days

Borough Markets
Had heaps of fun wondering around Borough food markets, another tip from Andrew. The markets are soooo good.   Fantastic food, especially cheese, deli meat  and bread....
oh and coffee :) 
We will be back next weekend  to buy some food and vegies we haven't eaten before like kale or get an ostrich burger.    So far we have been eating well though kebabs, street stall sausage sandwiches and packaged dinners.  Soon we will start cooking and borough markets has provided some inspiration.

Columbia Road Flower Markets
This is the place to go for some good value flowers, best of all it is only down the road from where we are living in Shoreditch and a nice way to start the day.   If you go mid-morning you will be welcomed by "three for a fiver" or "only a tenner" as the prices are marked down.    

Later we walked down to Spittlefield markets to meet up with Ange and then sat down for  a curry in Bricklane.  It was fun to see friends in a another city, like a little holiday away except you are at home.   Looking forward to seeing more over here.

We managed not to buy anything at Spittlefield old or new markets but I think I have done enough damage to my bank balance for a week or so. Speaking of which should get to some banking.

More soon.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Where can we find a good coffee in this town?

We had big expectations for this coffee stall at Camden markets, but no we where again sadly disappointed.   Over the last week we have discovered the secret to a half decent coffee, ask for less milk in or a double shot.  This doesn't always work but then it is worth it when it does.  Thinking about starting the "Where is proper coffee in London" blog and getting some sponsorship from someone who makes a good cup.  Maybe Toby's London??

I think we have found it - had the best coffee yesterday at Borough Markets, bought some beans and got a recommendation for a good place in the city, run by Australians, called Flat White.  

I also got a good coffee today,  at the hairdressers, he said the English aren't interested in coffee they see it as a hot beverage not a coffee to get the day started.  Maybe that's why the Aussies have started there own cafe.

More later.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Don't Eat Mints and walk outside on a cold day

One street up from Andrew's flat in Belsize Park. 

Negotiated the tube from Heathrow to a warm house in Belsize Park, the first blessing, so much better than staying in some anonymous room in London.  We have started to look for a one bedroom apartment, after spending a few days looking for flats.  It seems the only way to get something will be to lift the price we are prepared to pay.  So to buy some time  I followed up on a room share in Shoreditch. It turned out to be a great space over looking city rooftops, right in Zone 1 (the middle of London).

Andrew and Claire made our transition to the London really easy.  We have been to a couple of great pubs, below is the Hollybush in Hampstead. The our first Sunday arvo was spent at the Greater Union across town in Westbourne Grove. Second lesson - remember tube lines tend to go down over the weekend due to maintenance work and you are likely to catch a bus, which was fine if you have an hour to get to where your are going, but you do get to see the suburbs from the front of a double decker bus which is fun.

Noran and Claire

Still haven't bought a warm jacket but am actively looking, same goes for work. Have been to Michael Page, met up with a recommended contact and tomorrow have a follow-up meeting with another recruiter.

Now we are settled in Shoreditch for a few weeks I can really start looking for work.

More tomorrow.