Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One more day in Vienna

A short trip outside of the city to Schonburnn Palace in search of a maze and labyrinth.  After finding out the maze hedges have any leaves we went for a stroll.


Looking back at the Palace
Looking forward to the summer house

trouble in the garden

N to the rescue

Lots of fun.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Vienna

After moving hotel to a much nicer part of town we set out to see some more sights but only after a quick snack.  This was the tastiest pizza we have had since Australia and for desert I had to try an 'ice cream' cone in the middle of winter, it turned out to be mock cream.

Now for some sites.
the ferris wheel that inspired  the London Eye
Museum of Fine Arts

our taxi home?

2 Days in Vienna

Before we went to Berlin for NYE Noran and I wanted to have a look around Vienna, so we planned a short visit. It was cold but you soon got used to that and we had fun looking around the city and the outskirts.  Being Christmas all the lights and decorations were up and the city looked amazing at night.

Imperial Palace
Town Hall

Noran enjoying one of the few remaining countries without a ban on smoking inside.

We found our way back the hotel after a quick look around town.