Sunday, March 16, 2008

Train Ride to Newbury

Hello, Sunday night and we have just returned from a trip to Newbury to visit Ben (friend of Noran's) and to see some of the English countryside.  We were rewarded by a relaxing weekend, with the pheasants, finches, hedgehogs and moles (only actually seeing two of these four locals).
Donnington Castle was built in 1386 and only some of it remains on the top of Donnington Hill over looking the town of Newbury in Britains south.   Approval for its construction was given by Richard II.  Royalist forces held the castle throughout an 18 month parliamentary seige (during the 1644 civil war) which ended in an honorary withdrawal.

Another history lesson came at the antique markets at Hungerford.  They had roman jewellery for sale from the 1st and 2nd century, it was quite something actually seeing these everyday pieces outside of a museum.

Ofcourse we had a few pints, watched a football game and had a lovely Sunday roast home cooked by Ben's mum.

Garden at Ben's parents place - you can't see the mole holes

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