Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day at the Football

It is pretty much impossible to get Liverpool tickets so we chose this game to see what Premier League football is like live. So Saturday of the Bank holiday long weekend and Noran and I holding tickets  to the Fulham vs Birmingham City relegation battle headed off to Craven Cottage near Putney in London. But first we needed to eat to give us energy for the match ahead, so it was hamburgers at a cute pub on the Themes, with a number of other fans.

The local security were out in large numbers and there were no major incidents, with unruly fans, they left this one alone.

We took our seats in the neutral area behind the goal and had a great view of the pitch as the game kicked off.

Half time found us with a plastic beer bottle in hand and the score 0-0 hoping the game would improve.  As we headed back in it was a good thing N didn't have to line up in the boys que, which for once was significantly longer than the women's.

The second half brought two Fulham goals and none to Birmingham, steering Fulham away from relegation and a stadium full of mostly happy fans.  

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