Monday, September 8, 2008

Family Visits - July

July was a fun month for catching up with family, Lynne, Shyamal (Noran's Mum and Dad), Lois (Nan) and Gemma flew in to London and we went to our favorite place Borough Markets to sample some fresh produce.

Lynne and Gemma

Noran and Lois

Noran and Shyamal

In the same week, I caught up with Helen and Rachel Kekwick, also at London Bridge.  Rachel has since been over for dinner to our place in Belsize, it has been great to meet in another country, not having known one another in Australia. 

Helen Kekwick - Dad's sister's [Shirley] son's [David] wife Helen.

Helen and Rachel, who is now living and working in London.

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