Thursday, November 27, 2008

wee weekend in scotland

We stayed at a fantastic place called Windy Yet in a town called Avonbridge half way between Edinburg and Glasgow.  The weekend was great looking out onto Scottish farmlands and sampling the local fare.  

Whilst looking for the Bathgate farmers market we found  a bird display, with local hunting birds on show, probably not the most animal friendly activity but the birds looked like they were well looked after. We took a couple of photos.

Asking a stall holder (turned out to be the Mayor) where we could find some local produce we were directed to a local butcher and bought the best leg of lamb roast which was slow roasted (thanks Amelia) for dinner on Saturday night and lasted to a Sunday gourmet bubble and squeak breakfast.

Claire and Amelia


Andrew and Claire

End of a great weekend.  Will definatly head back to Scotland.

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