Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fab time in Berlin

Berlin turned out to be a real surprise, it was interesting and welcoming. We ate, drank, had fun and saw the sites, what could be better.  

This is one of the most amazing buildings I have seen, it stood directly opposite the Reichstag, the german parliament and the contrast of buildings was quite something.

But the Reichstag building is not as old as it looks, originally built in 1884 it was ruined by Red Army air raids in 1945. In 1961 it was rebuilt then in the dome designed by british architect Norman Foster was added in 1999. We didn't get into see the dome because the line was too long, but maybe on another visit.  

Continuing on the history trip, after hiring some bikes, we found the remains of the Berlin wall. Peddled around Berlin really is the best way to see the town.  Apart from freezing hands it was a great afternoon. However probably not the best thing to do before a night of NYE dancing.

Later tonight we would be back to celebrate the beginning of 2009.

Great snack after a hard day's bike riding.   

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