Thursday, February 28, 2008

Arctic Adventure


Our decision to go to Norway was based on very little research, Noran saw that his favourite producer Linstrom and DJ Prins Thomas were playing in their home country and I thought it would be great to see the Northern Lights. So we booked our tickets on Norwegien airlines, not realising the long list of items required to make it all happen. We shopped for shoes, thermals, jumpers, socks, hats to make sure we would be warm in the Arctic. All packed we set off for an adventure we will not forget.

It was well worth the effort and even though we only saw a sneaky bit of the northern lights through the clouds on our first night in Tromso.  However, in the search of clearer skys we booked a trip to the town of Sykervoy, probably the most north we will get in our life times. From here we caught a ferry back to Tromso through a number of fjords.

Ferry from Skejervoy to Tromso

It was brilliant seeing the moon reflect off these enormous mountains coming out of the water either side of the ferry. I bought a tripod to take photos which although somewhat dark captured some of the peaks.

Fjord just off Skejervoy
arriving back to Tromso

Another indulgence was a dinner to sample some food cooked locally, after much searching we found the Arctandria seafood restaurant. Cod was the specialty and now is the the best time to eat it. We were rewarded with a very tasty meal, I wasn’t allowed to take photos so you will have to take my word for it. Almost getting used to the Pound v AUD we had try hard not to continually calculate the Norwegian Kroner (norky’s) to the Australian dollar. Just for fun post your guesses at how much this round was, two pilsners and two gold snapps.

The Arctic experience was awesome and definitely recommended for anyone heading this way.

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