Thursday, February 28, 2008


Looking back at Oslo from Holmenkollen

(read Arctic Adventure post first and this is then in sequence) 
After arriving at Oslo and walking through what reminded us of a skanky corner of The Cross, we were relieved to step out into Oslo centre and explore much nicer spaces.  The architecture throughout is much like the building below.

Noran in the town centre

Our nights out were fun, particularly the first one at the Nomaden Club. Noran had emailed ahead to both venues  saying we wanted to see both DJ’s (you couldn't buy tickets ahead of time) and our names were on the door at both places (yay free entry). Further, one club owner and the other club's door man were expecting us and we got to meet both DJs, making both nights great.   Yes we took photos, but we had come a long way and they didn’t mind.   I think they considered us mad and all were curious about Australia.

12 pm at Nomaden started my birthday celebrations with a round of Jagermister on the house. It was a small welcoming place with low wooden beams, dim lights and walls covered in event posters and cool wallpaper.  We danced, met people and had heaps of fun. Noran now has some good music contacts in Norway.

The next day we explored Oslo further and found the groovy end of town, good coffee and great sandwiches.  
Coffee at, 5 times world champion barista, Tim Wendelboe's coffee house

Oslo Harbour

Back to the hotel for a glass of champagne (what else) and then off to one of the many local Vietnamese restaurants for a quick dinner, than to see Prins Thomas. Another good night to finish the celebrations.


On day three we thought we would get out of town and explore the snow fields around Oslo. Catching  the metro train from the centre of Oslo up the surrounding hills to Frognerseteren. People get off the train straight onto cross country ski tracks or taboggan down trails. It was great seeing the snow, I am now inspired to try some cross country skiing and Noran wants toboggan which also looks fun (they have these cool toboggans which you can steer down the tracks). One thing we wont be doing is this.

Ski Jump at Holmenkollen built for the 1952 Winter Olympics

We did wish we could speak some Norwegian, rather than everyone having to speak to us in English. 

We said good by to Oslo early the next morning wondering how they keep the runways free of snow.  It was a great trip one that we will remember.

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