Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Prem warned us about Brick Lane ... but we went anyway

Brick Lane is quite close by and we walk down it a bit now, but somewhat wiser than the first couple of times.   

Our initial search for a curry was a little overwhelming, but funny looking back.  This was due to the array of discounts, offers and creative sales pitches tossed at us as we walked past each restaurant.  The enticements included: "what do you drink, we give you a beer, the lady wine and 20% off, we promise to make you smile", then onward, "we give you 25% off and a bottle of wine, we have quality food and best service", next, "we have quality food, the others will give you small portions and big discounts, you will leave us happy", further on, "I promise you wont pay if you don't like, we have best chef in Brick lane, look the Guardian says ".   Bewildered we walk into the last one probably not the best offer but a bottle of wine sounded like a good idea by then.    The meal was not the best we have had, but then we were warned, so the next indian meal will be found elsewhere.  

In the day, the apprentice touters must be on duty and  it is not so hectic.  We had a lovely lunch with Ange,  Claire and Laure, which I thought the food was better, but still not the best.     On a more recent wonder we found some really tasty potato cakes (aloo tikki) and the search is on for Masala dosa, apparently we need to go to Eastham to find this.

It is a really interesting street with lots of history.  One end is the indian section and up the other there are bars, shops and a well attended local establishment, the Bagel House.  We are told it has been in Brick Lane forever and has stacks of fresh bagels made in-house filling it's cabinets. Some with creme cheese and salmon and others with what looks like big chunks of corned beef.  We are working up to trying the latter - must be good though as the que never subsides.   

We will return to explore further, Brick Lane is close by and just near Spittlefield Markets/shops which unsurprisingly keeps luring me back.

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