Thursday, January 31, 2008

The best of british food


Lunch (Noran's Selection)
oops some greens
Just the way to end the week with a Sunday roast and a pint.  This actually tasted better than it looks and for 8 pounds we were happy. 

So as not to create an unbalanced view of the cuisine on offer, we had a great Vietamese meal around the corner.  This area is also called Little Hanoi and we have a huge selection of vietnamese places which is great to get a fix of noodles, salt and pepper squid and rice paper rolls.   We left the rice paper rolls and vietnamese pancakes for another day, but went for duck and salt & pepper squid.  All very tasty.  Felt a little like being at home.


Reality Raver said...

What is between the mushrooms and the bake beans?

Selina said...

bubble & squeak = fried mashpotatoes with peas in it. no need to say not much of it was eaten!