Sunday, January 27, 2008

Market Days

Borough Markets
Had heaps of fun wondering around Borough food markets, another tip from Andrew. The markets are soooo good.   Fantastic food, especially cheese, deli meat  and bread....
oh and coffee :) 
We will be back next weekend  to buy some food and vegies we haven't eaten before like kale or get an ostrich burger.    So far we have been eating well though kebabs, street stall sausage sandwiches and packaged dinners.  Soon we will start cooking and borough markets has provided some inspiration.

Columbia Road Flower Markets
This is the place to go for some good value flowers, best of all it is only down the road from where we are living in Shoreditch and a nice way to start the day.   If you go mid-morning you will be welcomed by "three for a fiver" or "only a tenner" as the prices are marked down.    

Later we walked down to Spittlefield markets to meet up with Ange and then sat down for  a curry in Bricklane.  It was fun to see friends in a another city, like a little holiday away except you are at home.   Looking forward to seeing more over here.

We managed not to buy anything at Spittlefield old or new markets but I think I have done enough damage to my bank balance for a week or so. Speaking of which should get to some banking.

More soon.

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