Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tate Modern

Catching up on some postings.  Last weekend after the Borough Markets we went to the Tate Modern with Andrew and Danielle, to see amongst other things the Spider and the Crack.  The Crack is below and the Spider had moved on so no photos.  

We also saw a great retrospective of Juan Munoz, a Spanish Sculptor, whose work focused on the themes of communication and the perspective of the viewer in relation to his art, (who is often excluded with sculptures turning away from viewer). Very interesting and I am sure one of many trips to the Tate Modern.  

Happily we got in to the exhibition as guests on Andrew and Danielle's Members passes, which also gave us access to the Members room & bar.  Photos below were taken from here.

More soon.

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Reality Raver said...

That crack looked fantastic. It seems you are getting the time to get out and about. Do you think you will become members of the Tate Modern as well?