Friday, January 25, 2008

Where can we find a good coffee in this town?

We had big expectations for this coffee stall at Camden markets, but no we where again sadly disappointed.   Over the last week we have discovered the secret to a half decent coffee, ask for less milk in or a double shot.  This doesn't always work but then it is worth it when it does.  Thinking about starting the "Where is proper coffee in London" blog and getting some sponsorship from someone who makes a good cup.  Maybe Toby's London??

I think we have found it - had the best coffee yesterday at Borough Markets, bought some beans and got a recommendation for a good place in the city, run by Australians, called Flat White.  

I also got a good coffee today,  at the hairdressers, he said the English aren't interested in coffee they see it as a hot beverage not a coffee to get the day started.  Maybe that's why the Aussies have started there own cafe.

More later.

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Reality Raver said...

Hi Noran, you look pleased that you found a good caffiene hit!